Monday, 11 July 2011

Man stabs girlfriend, tries to kill self

MUMBAI: A man stabbed his girlfriend, before trying to end his own life, following a tiff over money at a Dahisar guest house on Tuesday. Vaman Sawant and Sapna Pillai are both recuperating atBhagwati Hospital in Borivli with critical injuries. 

Sawant (31) works as an office boy with the Borivli branch of a coaching class chain, while Pillai (26) is a bar waitress in the same area. They are residents of Virar (E) and Mira Road, respectively. The couple got acquainted at the bar a month ago. As Pillai, who stays in Mira Road, had odd working hours, Sawant would escort her home everyday after she finished work. 

"Sawant wanted Pillai to quit her job. He promised to give her Rs 2-3 lakh if she did so," said ACP Sunil Deshmukh. Around 1 pm on Tuesday, the duo checked into Sanmaan guest house. Pillai reminded Sawant that he was yet to pay her the sum, without which she wouldn't quit her job. Sawant wasn't well-off and couldn't raise that kind of money. 

The duo had an argument, after which Sawant stabbed Pillai with a knife in her abdomen and neck in an attempt to "get rid of her". He then locked himself in the bathroom and slashed his wrists. to avoid getting caught by the police 

The police later rushed the injured duo to hospital. A staffer later discovered Pillai lying in the room, covered with blood. The police were called, and they also found Sawant in the bathroom. The injured duo was rushed to hospital.Around 2.45 pm, a guest house employee from the guest house went to their room to check around 2.45 pm. He managed to open the door and was shocked to find Sapna lying sprawled in the room, covered with blood. The staffer informed his superiors who summoned the Dahisar police. The cops broke down the door of the couple's room. They also found Sawant wounded in the bathroom. The couple was rushed to the Bhagwati Hospital, where Sawant has been admitted to the ICCU. Officials said Sawant had brought the knife along, which indicates that the crime was pre-planned. 

Based on Pillai's statement, the cops lodged a case of attempt to murder and attempt to commit suicide against Sawant. Presently, he is unconscious and will be arrested once he is treated and discharged from the hospital.

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