Monday, 11 July 2011

Cops’ latest tool to fight crime: Computer chips

The high-on-technology top cops will use radio frequency identification (RFID) chips to ensure streets are patrolled better.

Here’s how the system - to be implemented within a fortnight - will work: These chips are basically tracking devices, which use radio frequency identification to monitor places and people.
This hi-tech control room has been set up by DCP KMM Prasanna at Bandra Police Station to track his officers on the field
Devices carrying these chips will be installed at public parks, railway stations, schools, banks, housing colonies and streets.

The chips will also act as card readers for the officers on patrol. Using special handsets, the patrol officers can record their presence in a particular area.

The radio frequency idea is being introduced by DCP (Zone 11) Mahesh Patil.

“We will start with two chips per area. Patrol officers will be given a handset that the chips will record. It’s like card readers in office, where you punch in your in and out timings.”

This idea is the result of the police top brass brainstorming of the past several weeks. Security in the streets was relaxed post the World Cup final here on April 2.

That resulted in a rise in street crime such as chain snatching. Even incidents of house break-ins reported a rise, forcing the police top brass in a huddle.

Patil said, “Technology is a useful tool in fighting crime. We did a comprehensive study of the time of crime. For instance, chain snatchers mostly target parks in the mornings and evenings, and streets in the evenings. Also, officers know they too are being watched. This will only result in better patrolling.”

Then there is DCP K M M Prasanna from Zone 9, who has come up with a hi-tech control room at Bandra Police Station to track his officers on the field.

CCTV cameras installed in the streets will be connected to this special control room. This will result in a quicker response to trouble, Prasanna said.

“The cameras will help us monitor the streets 24x7. We can rush in police teams at the crime scene a lot quicker,” he said.

Sources said the idea is also a result of allegations of the cops refusing to take down complaints. “Such officers will have no choice in the face of the crime footage,” a senior cop said.

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