Monday, 11 July 2011

Crime: Mindless Mumbai allows woman to lie naked

Mumbai is sometimes described as a metro without a mind..
A day after Durga puja and the victory of good over evil, there has been a spate of crime against women. A hapless disoriented 20-year-old woman was allowed to lie naked for hours on a Mumbai street even as people were busy taking out processions. Nobody cared. And there is more – of a gruesome hit and run case in Mumbai, harassment and murder.

Mumbai is sometimes described as a metro without a mind. People are so busy that they hardly find time for caring or being concerned for others. And on Monday night, as the festival lights were still on, Mumbai just showed its dark and heartless face when a semi-conscious , stark naked woman was allowed to lie bang on a busy road in Powai for several hours. No one cared, no one bothered and none were concerned or moved.
The woman was in her 20s and was homeless. She was found lying, ironically enough, near the upmarket Hiranandani Gardens complex. People were found coming back after the festivities or a grand dinner; some were out on a post-dinner walk. But nobody cared to help or enquire about the problem of the hapless woman.
Ironically, even as she lay on Central Avenue Road, a loud musical procession of Durga devotees passed by for immersion at Powai Lake.
Sources said that the woman looked dazed and was sitting on the pavement since evening. At 9 pm, she lost whatever little energy she had and had to sprawl on the road naked.
Finally, a local shop assistant partially covered her body with a gunny sack. She had to spend a few more hours before some residents learned of the hapless girl and came to her rescue. They tried calling the police and a van arrived by 11.40 pm and picked her up in a stretcher. Strangely enough, instead of taking her to a hospital, the police took her to the Powai police station.
The police said that the girl appeared mentally retarded and abandoned. They are planning to shift her to a woman's home in Chembur.
To be fair, a few women did come to help the girl, but that was a good five hours later.

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